Monday, October 30, 2006

Sat Oct 28 & Sun Oct 29 2006

all times in UTC.

Sun Oct 29 2006

Today's condition was in a slump.I was not able to listen it though my DX friends have heard before 0900 variously. I was not able to confirm it though some stations in X-band were heard after 1300.
On 660kHz, we heard Country muisc at 12:20. I confirmed KAPS on this frequency on Sep 25.

Sat Oct 28 2006

580 KMJ CA Fresno. 10/28 1133. Coast to Coast. "(This is) KMJ, Coast to Coast, Music, Public ..." @1134. Poor.

650 KENI AK Anchorage. 10/28 0715. Coast to Coast. "Newsradio 6-50 KENI" @0800 then ABC News. Very poor.

850 KICY AK Nome. 10/28 1259. Gospel. Fair to poor.

980 CKNW BC New Westminister. 10/28 0841. Classic Radio. Poor.

1500 KUMU HI Honolulu. 10/28 1312. Newstalk. "This is KUMU... Radio News 24 hours a day" @1559. It was possible to listen even if 1630 was passed with KREA on 1540kHz. Poor.

1540 KREA HI Honolulu. 10/28 1428. Telephone talk show until 1457. Religious with many hymn. "This is KREA, Honolulu..." @1600. It could be heard until 1640. Poor.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Fri Oct 27 2006

all times in UTC.

Today was able to hear only at some stations of Alaska. Excluding the following logs, broadcasting in English was heard on 660, 670, 870 and 910kHz. KFAR (Fairbanks), KDLG (Dillingham), and KSKO(Mcgrah) and KIYU (Galena) are listed at these frequency, and these nighttime power is 10kW or more.
On 680kHz, the station that was not KNBR (San Francisco Sports) that was able always to be listened was heard. Even if 1600 was passed, this station had been hearing. In Japan, the TP station that can be heard at this time is only in Alaska. This might be KBRW at the top of the world, Barrow.

680 KBRW(tent) AK Barrow. 10/27 1227. not Sports. It could be heard even if 1600 was passed. Very poor.

700 KBYR AK Anchorage. 10/27 1702. Telephone talk show. "Smart Radio AM 7-00 KBYR" @1720. faded out @ 1735. Poor.

750 KFQD AK Anchorage. 10/27 1030. Talk show. "7-50 KFQD" @1032. Poor.

850 KICY AK Nome. 10/27 1215. Insight for Living in English. "You're listening to KICY, Nome. AM 8-50" @ 1302 then back to Insight for Living. Fair.

Thu Oct 26 2006

all times in UTC.

The condition was the worst this month.
The signal of three steady stations in AK was able to catch at any time except about 1 hour from 1200. It strengthened after 1400. In Saitama, 650 KENI, 780 KNOM, and 850 KICY can be heard well, and it is called the Alaska's trio.
KENI was the strongest in 1000. Afterwards, two stations of Nome strengthened gradually.
Since 1500, the station on 620kHz was able to be heard so weak, and to detect the signal carrier on 680kHz. I do not understand whether this is the station in AK.

650 KENI AK Anchorage. 10/26 1003. ABC News. "Newsradio 6-50 KENI" @1005. Poor.

780 KNOM AK Nome. 10/26 1455. "This is KNOM-AM/FM, Nome, Alaska" @1500 then AP Radio News. Weathercast @1503. Fair.

850 KICY AK Nome. 10/26 1315. Focus on the Family, "This is KICY, Nome" @1401 then Public Info. Insight for Living @1403. Dr.Norm Neslon's religious (maybe Life At Its Best) @1430. Fair to poor.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The MW Station of USA, Recorded at Denver.

The recording of the MW stations where Waki-san had been received in Denver was up-loaded to NDXC's site.

Click here.
The official site of NDXC is opened, please trace "Audio Archives" and then click "The MW Station of USA, Recorded at Denver".

*Waki-san who is one of the most famous DXer in Japan, his real name is known all over the world.
*Nagoya DXers Circle (called NDXC) established on March 14, 1976 is the most active DX group in Japan.

KDXU is an ABC Information Network affiliate.

KDXU in St. George, Utah, is broadcasting on 890kHz.

I E-mailed to KDXU, and questioned on their news networks.
There was immediately a reply from the program director.
My reception on October 23 was confirmed, and I got the following information.
Thank you, Peter.

The program director of KDXU wrote:

We broadcast ten-thousand watts on 890. We have a News/Talk format. KDXU is owned by Cherry Creek Radio, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. We are the fastest growing small market radio group in the United States. In St. George, we own eight radio stations of which we are the foundation station. We are an ABC Information Network affiliate. We carry their newscast at the top of every hour.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wed Oct 25 2006

all times in UTC.

The signal of steady stations such as WA, BC, and AK were so weak. KCKN(tent) of NM on 1020kHz and KTWO(tent) of WY on 1030kHz could be heard around 1000. But both signals were also weak.

650 KENI AK Anchorage. 10/25 1525. "Newsradio 6-50 KENI" @1530 etc. Poor.
The oldies was weakly heard while KENI could not be heard. "Jailhouse Rock" song by Elvis Presley could be heard weakly around 1125.

780 KNOM AK Nome. 10/25 1545. "This is KNOM-AM/FM, Nome, Alaska" @1559. AP Radio News @1600. Weathercast @1603. Fair to poor, but could not be heard from 1554 until 1558.

850 KICY AK Nome. 10/25 1558. Country & talk. "KICY 8-50" @1608. Poor.

980 CKNW BC New Westminister. 10/25 1056. CKNW News @1100. Poor.

850kHz KICY is now on the air at 25kW.

According to Mr.Dennis Weidler, General Manager of KICY, the station is now broadcasting at 25,000 watts (half of licensed power).

Mr. Dennis Weidler wrote:

Currently, we are broadcasting at 25,000 watts (half of our licensed power) on a Special Temporary Authority granted by the FCC until we can finish the rebuilding of our directional system. The fire last year will cost $300,000 to repair so I am doing a lot of fundraising.Also, two of our 259 foot towers were about to fall over. They were built on tundra and the concrete piers they were built on, began tilting! They are laying on the ground until next summer.

Tue Oct 24 2006

all times in UTC.

The condition might be the worst in this month.

850 KICY AK Nome. 10/24 1400. General Manager's Public Info @1400. Insight For Living. Fair to poor.

Sun Oct 22 & Mon Oct 23 2006

all times in UTC.

Mon Oct 23 2006

The station of UT and NM could be heard around 0800. But the signal was so weak.
Some stations in West Coast was always heard weakly and the strength of the signal faded up and down slowly and deeply.
AK stations was also weaker than usual.

650 KENI AK Anchorage. 10/23 0901. ABC News. "Newsradio 6-50 KENI" @0906. Poor.

890 KDXU UT St.George. 10/23 0759. Coast to Coast. ABC News @0800. Very poor.

1020 KCKN NM Roswell. 10/23 0757. Country. "Kickin Country 10-20" @0852. Very poor.

1600 KVRI WA Blaine. 10/23 1159. "AM 16-00, This is KVRI, Blaine" @1159. Poor.

Sun Oct 22 2006

Today's condition was in a slump.
I listened to broadcasting that seemed to be TP stations on 670kHz at 1000, and on 840kHz at 1345. Both signal were weakest and could not confirm it.
Before 0900. On 1020kHz, the religious program guessed to be KCKN of NM was heard. And on 1040kHz, the football game of BC Lions could be heard. It seems to be CKXY of BC.

Sat Oct 21 2006

all times in UTC.

Bad condition continued.
The signal of stations around San Francisco became strong primarily. and on 680kHz KNBR's clear ID could be heard for the first time at this season.
KYCY on 1550kHz at 2005-2006 season had been strongly heard, but it had not been heard clearly this season yet.

680 KNBR CA San Francisco. 10/21 1305. "America's Favourite Sports Station, KNBR, San Francisco ... Station, ESPN Radio Sports..." @1359. Fair to poor.

980 CKNW BC New Westminister. 10/21 0806. Classic Radio. Poor.

1550 KYCY CA San Francisco. 10/21 1144. The Celtic Music News @1200. Poor.

Fri Oct 20 2006

all times in UTC.

Country songs had been heard on 790kHz before 0900. It might be CFCW of AB.
Romantica in Spanish was heard on 1660kHz. Although this was heard well this season, I was able to confirm KXOL of UT where the format had been changed.

1410 CFUN BC Vancouver BC. 10/20 0857. "C-fun 14-10 AM" @0859. Weak signal.

1660 KXOL UT Bringham City. 10/20 1319. Spanish Romantica. "K-X-O-L 16-60 AM" @1319. Poor.

Please refer to my Japanese blog for previous log.