Friday, October 27, 2006

Fri Oct 27 2006

all times in UTC.

Today was able to hear only at some stations of Alaska. Excluding the following logs, broadcasting in English was heard on 660, 670, 870 and 910kHz. KFAR (Fairbanks), KDLG (Dillingham), and KSKO(Mcgrah) and KIYU (Galena) are listed at these frequency, and these nighttime power is 10kW or more.
On 680kHz, the station that was not KNBR (San Francisco Sports) that was able always to be listened was heard. Even if 1600 was passed, this station had been hearing. In Japan, the TP station that can be heard at this time is only in Alaska. This might be KBRW at the top of the world, Barrow.

680 KBRW(tent) AK Barrow. 10/27 1227. not Sports. It could be heard even if 1600 was passed. Very poor.

700 KBYR AK Anchorage. 10/27 1702. Telephone talk show. "Smart Radio AM 7-00 KBYR" @1720. faded out @ 1735. Poor.

750 KFQD AK Anchorage. 10/27 1030. Talk show. "7-50 KFQD" @1032. Poor.

850 KICY AK Nome. 10/27 1215. Insight for Living in English. "You're listening to KICY, Nome. AM 8-50" @ 1302 then back to Insight for Living. Fair.


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