Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sun Oct 22 & Mon Oct 23 2006

all times in UTC.

Mon Oct 23 2006

The station of UT and NM could be heard around 0800. But the signal was so weak.
Some stations in West Coast was always heard weakly and the strength of the signal faded up and down slowly and deeply.
AK stations was also weaker than usual.

650 KENI AK Anchorage. 10/23 0901. ABC News. "Newsradio 6-50 KENI" @0906. Poor.

890 KDXU UT St.George. 10/23 0759. Coast to Coast. ABC News @0800. Very poor.

1020 KCKN NM Roswell. 10/23 0757. Country. "Kickin Country 10-20" @0852. Very poor.

1600 KVRI WA Blaine. 10/23 1159. "AM 16-00, This is KVRI, Blaine" @1159. Poor.

Sun Oct 22 2006

Today's condition was in a slump.
I listened to broadcasting that seemed to be TP stations on 670kHz at 1000, and on 840kHz at 1345. Both signal were weakest and could not confirm it.
Before 0900. On 1020kHz, the religious program guessed to be KCKN of NM was heard. And on 1040kHz, the football game of BC Lions could be heard. It seems to be CKXY of BC.


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