Friday, October 27, 2006

Thu Oct 26 2006

all times in UTC.

The condition was the worst this month.
The signal of three steady stations in AK was able to catch at any time except about 1 hour from 1200. It strengthened after 1400. In Saitama, 650 KENI, 780 KNOM, and 850 KICY can be heard well, and it is called the Alaska's trio.
KENI was the strongest in 1000. Afterwards, two stations of Nome strengthened gradually.
Since 1500, the station on 620kHz was able to be heard so weak, and to detect the signal carrier on 680kHz. I do not understand whether this is the station in AK.

650 KENI AK Anchorage. 10/26 1003. ABC News. "Newsradio 6-50 KENI" @1005. Poor.

780 KNOM AK Nome. 10/26 1455. "This is KNOM-AM/FM, Nome, Alaska" @1500 then AP Radio News. Weathercast @1503. Fair.

850 KICY AK Nome. 10/26 1315. Focus on the Family, "This is KICY, Nome" @1401 then Public Info. Insight for Living @1403. Dr.Norm Neslon's religious (maybe Life At Its Best) @1430. Fair to poor.


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