Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mon Oct 30 & Tue Oct 31 2006

all times in UTC.

Tue Oct 31 2006

Following yesterday's reception of CISL on 650kHz. KOA(Denver, CO) could be heard on 850kHz. KICY(AK) is strong usually on this frequency. KICY was heard with S7+ strength till then. It weakened suddenly, and KOA has been heard. Sometimes, English broadcasting had been received under KICY by master Futoshi. It seems that is this station. The signal in an American mainland was strong. I heard various stations. I check the recording on the weekend and up-load the log.
Oldies guessed that CISL(BC) broadcast was heard on 650kHz weakly also today.

850 KOA CO Denver. 10/31 1005. Man's talk show. "Newsradio 8-50 KOA" @1021 & 1024. Poor, blocked by KICY @1138. KICY was heard with S7+ strength till 1006.

1030 KTWO WY Casper. 10/31 1056. "AM 10-30 K2 Radio" @1059. Weak signal.

1500 KUMU HI Honolulu. 10/31 1331. Talk show. "This is KUMU..." @1359. Very poor.

1540 KREA HI Honolulu. 10/31 1333. Korean. Hyum. "This is KREA Honolulu...40..." @1400. Very poor.

1640 KDIA CA Vallejo. 10/31 1417. Real Radio(Religious). Poor.

Mon Oct 30 2006

CISL on 650kHz could be heard though the condition in the Vancouver, Canada region was good and stations in Alaska that can be usually heard with clearly condition was poor today. I did not hear clear identification on 650kHz. I check the recording on the weekend.

650 CISL BC Vancouver. 10/30 0840. Oldies. "Great Oldies 6-50" @0906. "On Cable FM 91.3, Great Song, Great Oldies, 6-50 CISL" @0921. Very poor. KENI in Anchorage was so poor.

980 CKNW BC New Westminister. 10/30 0829. Classic Radio & News. "CKNW Newstalk 9-80, Vancouver" @1102. Fair to poor.

1020 KCKN NM Roswell. 10/30 0657. Religious in Spanish until 0659. Country. Poor.

1040 CKXY BC Vancouver. 10/30 0839. Sports talk & Fox National Sports Report. "You're on the team 10-40" @0845. "This is the Vancouver's ... the team 10-40" @0902. Very poor.


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