Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tue Nov 7 & Wed Nov 8 2006

all times in UTC.

Wed Nov 8 2006

I heard the station of the country format on 790kHz and 910kHz. I was not able to confirm it. Both are presumed to be in Alberta(Canada).

Tue Nov 7 2006

KKOL on 1300kHz has been excellently received in Japan since Nov 4. I do not confirm it by my local noise. It seems that it can be hear in all Japan. Such as XEPE.
The signal of the Alaska strengthened very much at midnight. One of these, KBYR on 700kHz was heard very strongly also in Osaka.

700 KBYR AK Anchorage. 11/7 1716. Michael Medved Show. "Good mornig, this is KBYR..." @1719, "...on Smart Radio AM 7...KBYR" & "You're listening, top for Alaska, KBYR" @1720. Fair.

730 CHMJ BC Vancouver. 11/7 1134. "CKNW...(7-30)" @1134. Poor.

1550 KYCY CA San Francisco. 11/7 1435. Red Jazz. Poor, mixed with Nostalgia.

1690 KFSG CA Roseville. 11/7 1445. Man's talk. "...noventa, KFSG" @1456. Fair to poor.


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