Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wed Nov 1 2006

all times in UTC.

Being able to confirm was only KDIA. On X-band, the signal in CA and WA strengthened since 1415. Spanish format could be heard on 1660, 1670, 1680 and 1690kHz. I guess these to be KTIQ, KHPY, KDOW, and KFSG. These station could not be heard at 1500.
There was no station that could hear up to 1400.

1640 KDIA CA Vallejo. 11/1 1425. Real Radio. "KDIA San Francisco. We are the Light (at?) the Top of the Dial. Precepts, Kay Arthur comming up next." @1428. The signal strength had strengthened remarkably immediately before the announcement of "16-40 KDIA" @1430. Good, with S9+10dB signal after 1430.


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